What Does The Showrunner Do?

The showrunner is essentially the head writer, and they sit in the writer’s room with all the other writers, and they help come up with the stories.

The showrunner decides what kind of stories to tell and how to tell them.

In addition, the showrunner is in charge of every other creative decision on the show. So that means casting, hair, makeup, wardrobe, what the sets should look like, how they should be lit, and what the editing should be.

So the showrunner has a lot of responsibilities. They may delegate a lot of these decisions. But in the end, it’s everyone’s job to help realize the showrunner’s vision.

Who Is In Charge of A TV Show: The Showrunner or The Director?

In TV, the showrunner is the boss.

You may have a lot of directors. Each episode will have a different director. There might be 10 episodes in a season.

So how do you keep the show cohesive?

All those directors answer to the showrunner. And so in TV, the showrunner’s boss.

In film, the director is the boss. The director makes all those creative decisions.

So if you want to be a showrunner, you have to start off as a writer.

How Do You Start Off As A Writer?

Well, you have to be a good writer. You have to break in.

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