Michael Jamin

I’ve been a professional television writer since 1996. My credits include Just Shoot Me, King of the Hill, Out of Practice, Beavis & Butthead, Wilfred, Rules of Engagement, Maron, Brickleberry, Glenn Martin DDS, Lopez and many other shows, movies and pilots.

In 2007, my wife started a girls clothing line called TwirlyGirl.  Naturally, I wanted to help her.  Unfortunately, I knew absolutely nothing about business, eCommerce, retail or fashion.  I bought a copy of Business for Dummies and struggled with the first few pages.

Little did I know that the skills I use as a TV writer/showrunner are directly applicable to eCommerce.  Think about it.  As a TV writer, my goal is to get people to sample my show then get them to come back for the next episode.  Same thing with eCommerce.  I need to give people a reason to visit our website, and if they don’t purchase right away, give them a compelling reason to come back.

I do this by telling stories.  Stories about our brand, our customers, our products, etc.  People want to be entertained.  When you tell them a good story, they share it with their friends.  And that’s how you lower your customer acquisition costs, it’s how you increase your conversion rates, and ultimately, grow more profitable.

I’m still a busy working TV writer.  I’ve been asked by so many eCommerce store owners for help building their brands, that I carved out some time to build this course. Even you already consider yourself a writer, I’m confident it will make you a better writer.  And if you don’t have a writer’s bone in your body, this course will give you the knowledge to ask the right questions to the writer you hire.

Branding can be a lot of fun.  I think you’ll enjoy this.