If your dream is to get a Hollywood career, this is for you: consider becoming an Office Production Assistant. Before you say it, no – you don’t need a Harvard degree or MBA to become an Office PA. You need to have a car and a pulse – Hollywood won’t care about your degree for this role. They just need to know that you can go on a run.

Isn’t Getting into Hollywood About Who You Know?

Don’t say “Oh, they’re not hiring people like me” or “It’s just an old boy’ club.” Yes, it’s super hard to get a job in Hollywood. You will have to nudge your way in, network and get in contact with people, and hustle. As they say, you can have excuses or you can have results, but you can’t have both.

If you want that Hollywood career, you have to start somewhere. And an entry-level Office PA job is a great starting point. Then, hustle your way up the ladder.

So, What is an Office PA?

But what exactly does an Office PA do? In this role, you’d be responsible for making copies, running various errands, and doing your part to help keep the show on track. You’ll also have the opportunity to work directly with the Production Office Coordinator, Assistant Production Office Coordinator, and the Production Office Secretary.

An Office Production Assistant isn’t just an entry-level position. As Michael Jamin likes to say, a PA job is just a temporary stepping stone. If you take full advantage of the opportunity, you can make an impact and impress people. Have a service mindset – what can you do to make those you work with jobs’ easier? Take notes of people’s preferences and implement them. The little tiny things matter and can help get you noticed by the right people who can help open the doors for you.

Want More Hollywood Career Tips?

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Phil Hudson is the Co-Host of Screenwriters Need To Hear This with Micahel Jamin. He's worked on TV & Film projects like Rhett and Link's Buddy System, Quasi, and Tacoma FD, where he is an Associate Producer. Phil has a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Film - Story Development from Santa Fe University of Art & Design, where he was a Robert Redford Scholar.

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