If you’re struggling to write your screenplay or novel, you’re not alone. Many writers go through writer’s block and feel stuck and unsure of what to do next. However, there are a few things you can try to get back on track and regain your creative momentum.

Michael Jamin, Hollywood screenwriter, discusses it everything you need to do right here in this video:

In this blog, we’ll expand on the three points that Jamin makes that could help you overcome your writing struggles and strengthen you as a screenwriter or novelist.

Put Your Insecurities into Your Next Piece

It can be intimidating to write about topics or themes that you’re not completely comfortable with. Perhaps you have a vague idea for a character or plot point but don’t have them fully developed yet. You may really want to put them into your current writing work, but forcing it to fit into it when you don’t have it fully fleshed out yet for you (or your audience) to fully connect with. In this case, it’s okay to table it and focus on what you do know when it comes to your current storyline.

Too many writers end up with writer’s block by spending hours, days, and even weeks trying to force a plot point to fit into a story like a puzzle piece that just doesn’t belong. Don’t do that to yourself! And don’t worry, that story or plot point doesn’t have to go to waste – it can be the hero of your next story. After all, true writers are never done telling stories.

Write About Something You Know

So, what do you know about the current story you’re working with? Think about the names, relationships, personality traits, voices, places, major and minor events, etc. How do you personally connect with the overall plot of your screenplay or novel? Feel that out and put that energy into this plot. Build it out and really try to connect with it. If you can really connect with it, writer’s block shouldn’t be too frequent. And if you can’t connect with your own story, then the audience for your screenplay or novel might struggle to connect with it as well.

Take a Screenwriting Course

Working in the film industry and writing a screenplay

Whether or not you dream of becoming a TV screenwriter, taking a screenwriting course can be extremely valuable. This is especially true for those struggling to write from time to time. These types of courses can provide valuable structure, writing formulas, feedback, and guidance as you develop yourself as a writer. Learning how to write a screenplay can also help you learn everything that needs to go into a storyline on a deeper level than many writing courses – making it the perfect place for both future screenwriters and novelists.

Meet Michael Jamin, Hollywood Screenwriter

If you’ve watched King of the Hill, Rules of Engagement, Beavis and Butthead, or Tacoma FD, then you’ve likely come across some of professional screenplay writer Michael Jamin’s work. These are just a few of the TV shows where you’ll find him in the screenwriter credits. Not only does he know what it takes to succeed in the competitive and demanding world of Hollywood, but he knows how to write and he’s willing to take you under his wing. Check out his online screenwriting course!

Michael Jamin, Showrunner, TV Writer, Author

Phil Hudson

Phil Hudson is the Co-Host of Screenwriters Need To Hear This with Micahel Jamin. He's worked on TV & Film projects like Rhett and Link's Buddy System, Quasi, and Tacoma FD, where he is an Associate Producer. Phil has a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Film - Story Development from Santa Fe University of Art & Design, where he was a Robert Redford Scholar.

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