The screenwriting should not be your dream. Dreams happen in the middle of the night, when you’re asleep, you’re not doing anything and you have no control over them. Screenwriting should be your goal. And there’s a difference because goals are actionable. You can get there by taking one step, one foot in front of the next, and doing things to achieve your goal. People become screenwriters all the time, but it’s not by dreaming. It’s by doing so. What are the things you can do? Well, you could take a course. You could watch a tv show, but not just watch. The first time is for you. The second time you watch it and you take notes and the notes you want to take are like, what happens at those act breaks? What happens in the middle of the acts?¬†And you want to look for patterns.

I help decipher those patterns in my screenwriting course. I help break it down to help you unpack how to tell a story, but this is stuff that you can do on your own. And of course, you should be writing every single day. Those are goals. Those are things you can definitely do. And if you’re not willing to do that, it’s just not going to happen. And I post daily screenwriting tips here on this channel, and they’re about three minutes long. And if you’re not willing to commit to watching them three minutes a day, if you’re not willing to commit to doing that, I’m sorry. It’s not going to happen. If your goal is to become a screenwriter, you can do it. Other people have. Why can’t it be you? You follow me here, subscribe like, and comment. You have any questions? You can do this, but you have to put in the work.

Michael Jamin, Showrunner, TV Writer, Author

Michael Jamin

For the past 26 years, Michael Jamin has been a professional television writer/showrunner. His credits include King of the Hill, Beavis & Butthead, Wilfred, Maron, Just Shoot Me, Rules of Engagement, Brickleberry, Tacoma FD and many more.

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