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A Paper Orchestra - Signed Copy

Michael Jamin's debut collection of true stories. Hand-signed paperback by the author.


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About The Author

Michael Jamin, Author of A Paper Orchestra

Michael Jamin has been a television writer/showrunner since 1996. His many credits include King of the Hill, Beavis and Butt-Head, Just Shoot Me, Wilfred, Maron, Rules of Engagement, Out of Practice, Brickleberry, Glenn Martin DDS, and Tacoma FD. A graduate of Princeton University, Michael lives in Los Angeles.

On social media, he shares his experiences working in Hollywood under the handle @MichaelJaminWriter.

Michael has been featured in Forbes, Newsweek, The Guardian, CNN, The Washington Post and more.

A Paper Orchestra

What if the smallest, almost forgotten moments were the ones that shaped us most?

Marc Maron

"As one of the head writers for my tv show Maron, Michael was essential in helping me portray myself honestly. I'm very happy and impressed that he was able to apply his craft to himself. It's not easy to put your authentic you out there. Michael did a beautiful job of it with A Paper Orchestra."

Marc Maron
Laura San Giacomo

"It’s hard to see the letters I’m typing because my eyes are still misty. Michael was a writer on a show I did, and I know he’s funny. That’s his gift and profession. I did laugh out loud—that I expected. But what I appreciated the most was being led into his thoughts, down the path to his deepest confessions and deepest loves. Good storytelling also leads us to ourselves, our memories, our beliefs. Personal and powerful. I loved the journey."

Laura San Giacomo
John Mayer

"Fantastic... It's multi-timbral. It runs all levels of the pyramid at the same time. His knockout punches are stinging sincerity."

John Mayer
Steve Levitan, Showrunner

"Keen, hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking insights from an astute and twisted observer of everyday life."

Steve Levitan
Co-creator, Modern Family. Creator, Just Shoot Me
Judy Greer, Actor
"While I was laughing out loud, my heart was breaking... Tragedy and comedy in one."
Judy Greer
John Altschuler, Writer

"A Paper Orchestra is a joy.  It is funny but with a depth and resonance that is a revelation… I loved this book.”

John Altschuler, co-Creator, Silicon Valley
Max Mutchnick, Writer

“As the father of daughters, I found Michael's understanding of parenting and the human condition to be spot-on. This book is a fantastic read!”

Max Mutchnick
Co-creator, Will & Grace
Dave Krinsky, Writer

"Michael Jamin was always one of the fastest guys in the writer's room with the perfect joke. Now, reading his book A Paper Orchestra I realize he can also write honest and powerful stories that stick with you long after reading them. So, in true Hollywood fashion, I must now root against him."

Dave Krinsky
Showrunner, King of the Hill
Jon Aibel, Writer

"A hilarious and heartfelt collection of stories. I give it my highest praise -- I wish I had written it."

Jon Aibel
Writer, Kung Fu Panda
Steve Lemme, Actor, Writer, Producer, Director

"I found myself laughing and loving the wit which Michael Jamin tells his stories, only to be blindsided by his incredibly emotional, poignant confessions that hit me at the core."

Steve Lemme
Broken Lizard
David Litt, Writer

A Paper Orchestra is just the kind of book that makes you hate yourself for not writing yourself. It’s at times funny and at others sad, and sometimes manages to catch you off guard by being both at the same time. It’s a thought provoking, witty, and engaging look at human nature and the way we often treat each other.”

David Litt
Co-Creator, King of Queens
Kevin Heffernan,

"With A Paper Orchestra, Michael effortlessly achieves the big three as a writer. He's smart, heartfelt and very funny.”

Kevin Heffernan
Super Troopers, Beerfest, Tacoma FD
Booklife Reviews

“Brisk, engaging storytelling and dialogue…. A Paper Orchestra offers as many heart-tugging moments as laughs.”


“An honest, sometimes excruciatingly so, collection of personal essays, which is also incredibly witty and made this reader laugh out loud.”

Kirkus Reviews

"Those who appreciate the power of simple stories to tell us about human nature… or who are bewitched by a storyteller who has mastered his craft, will find a delightful collection of vignettes.… A lovely anthology that strikes a perfect balance between humor and poignancy.”


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a free audiobook of A Paper Orchestra

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In his debut collection of personal essays, Emmy-nominated screenwriter Michael Jamin (King of the Hill, Just Shoot Me, Beavis and Butt-Head, Wilfred, Maron, Rules of Engagement, Tacoma FD) recounts the true stories of a sensitive, anxious man searching for the things that are most important: identity, love, forgiveness, and redemption.

A cross between David Sedaris and Neil Simon, Michael discovers his unlikeliest moments of growth: he fakes his way onto a college-football team to experience a moment of grace; breaks up with a woman because she can’t stop saying “just kidding”; gets caught lying during a Hollywood power meeting; takes advantage of the pandemic lockdown to repair his relationship with his daughters.

Audaciously funny yet achingly poignant, A Paper Orchestra will have you rethinking the smallest, almost forgotten moments of your life.