Are you an emerging screenwriter who dreams of seeing your stories come alive on the screen, captivating audiences worldwide? The key to achieving this goal is mastering the art of breaking a story. In his insightful video “How to Break a Story?”, Hollywood screenwriter Michael Jamin shares crucial advice for aspiring screenwriters looking to make a name for themselves in the competitive world of entertainment. This article dives into Jamin’s wisdom, guiding you through the essential steps to break the story and unlock your screenwriting potential.

Breaking a Story: The Foundation of Screenwriting Success

Understand Story Structure: Knowing how to structure your story is vital for a successful screenwriting career.

Learn from a Professional: Seek guidance from experienced screenwriters and showrunners who have mastered the craft of story breaking. Learn from their experience and absorb their knowledge, so you can apply it to your own writing. If you’re looking for a mentor in the screenwriting world, definitely look to Michael Jamin. He’s written for a variety of TV shows like King of the Hill, Beavis & Butthead, Tacoma FD, and more!

Practice Makes Perfect: Breaking a story is a skill that can be improved with practice – and it’s crucial that you practice until you’re good enough. Knowing how to properly utilize story breaking techniques is important, especially before you ever step foot into a writers’ room. After all, the writers’ room isn’t a school – it’s a job.

Eager to Break a Story?

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So, if you’re thinking “Hey, I’d like to write a story that ends up on TV!”, know that it’s not impossible – but there’s a lot you have to learn first. You have to know proper act structure, how to create and develop intriguing characters, and how to craft key moments in your story that propel the narrative forward and keep your audience engaged. 

Learning how to do this takes time, talent, and, more often than not, professional guidance. Discover everything you need to know about story structure and how to break a story by enrolling in Michael Jamin’s online screenwriting course: The Showrunner’s Guide to Screenwriting.

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Phil Hudson

Phil Hudson is the Co-Host of Screenwriters Need To Hear This with Micahel Jamin. He's worked on TV & Film projects like Rhett and Link's Buddy System, Quasi, and Tacoma FD, where he is an Associate Producer. Phil has a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Film - Story Development from Santa Fe University of Art & Design, where he was a Robert Redford Scholar.

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