Comedy writers, when you’re on staff for a sitcom, you’re often expected to pitch multiple jokes for every line of dialogue. This is a script, my partner and I wrote for a show called King Of The Hill. The episode was called Yard She Blows. In this episode, Peggy wants to have bigger design input on the house. So she winds up buying a garden gnome for the front lawn. Hank loves his front lawn. So naturally this freaks him out. In this scene, Dale sees the garden gnome for the first time and he says, “so is that a ceramic gnome, or did Peggy kill a real gnome and take it to a taxidermist?” One of the backups that we had for that was, “my grandfather was murdered in his sleep by a gnome. My grandmother hit him over the head with it.” That’s a little dark. So we didn’t go with that one.

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Michael Jamin

For the past 26 years, Michael Jamin has been a professional television writer/showrunner. His credits include King of the Hill, Beavis & Butthead, Wilfred, Maron, Just Shoot Me, Rules of Engagement, Brickleberry, Tacoma FD and many more.

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