Ep. 061 - Let's Talk About Page 1 Of Your Script - Screenwriters Need To Hear This with Michael Jamin

061 – Let’s Talk About Page 1 Of Your Script

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Don't save your best stuff for last; start it off in a way that will grab the reader's attention and show that you've got something to say. In this podcast episode, Michael Jamin and Phil Hudson discuss the first page of your script and what you need to do to stand out.

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Co-Host, Screenwriters Need To Hear This , Phil Hudson
For the past 26 years, Michael Jamin has been a professional television writer/showrunner. His credits include King of the Hill, Beavis & Butthead, Wilfred, Maron, Just Shoot Me, Rules of Engagement, Brickleberry, Tacoma FD and many more.